No. 17

  核データの生産[PDF 92 kb]
・・・・・・・・(九大)片瀬 彬

■ 資 料

  1. 資料リスト[PDF 338 kb]
  2. Multilevel Resonance Analysis of the Total Neutron Cross Sections of 23Na and Ca below 1 MeV[PDF 155 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(NAIG)川合 將義
  3. Cross Sections of the Heavy Nuclei in the Resonance Region[PDF 108 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)東稔 達三
  4. Recent Experimental Data for Heavy Nuclei[PDF 101 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)石黒 幸雄
  5. Status of Important Heavy Elements Nuclear Data Above the Resonance Region[PDF 128 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)東稔 達三
  6. Evaluated Microscopic Neutron Cross Sections and 26 Group Constans for Cd[PDF 101 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(NAIG)川合 將義
  7. Double Energy, Single Time-of-Flight Measurements of Fission Fragments in Thermal-Neutron-Induced Fission of 235U[PDF 181 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(日立)瑞慶覧 篤
  8. BNL-400, “Angular Distributions in Neutron-Induced Reactions”の3rd Edition, vol.1 について[PDF 81 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(法政大)中嶋 龍三

■ 話 題

  1. 第14回EANDC会議報告[PDF 333 kb]
  2. NNDEN - Neutron Nuclear Data Evaluation Newsletter についてのアナウンス[PDF 53 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)西村 和明

おしらせ・あとがき[PDF 44 kb]