2022.4.14 Requirements for sutudents remote poster session in AESJ

Screening rules

The student poster session in Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) meeting is conducted by AESJ student network. This student poster session respects the student’s freedom for his or her academic presentation. However, to conduct a fair poster session, we do not allow the presentations including the following content:

1. commercial contents or commercial advertising

2. that violates the principle of peaceful use

3. the includes slander against individuals and groups

4. that includes statements offensive to public order and morals.

5. that includes religious or political statements

Selection of referees

The referees are selected by AESJ student network.

Prohibited matters

Participants are prohibited if they are found to participate in the actions listed below. If prohibited actions are found, the participant’s participation registration may be removed. In addition, the prohibited action is reported to the Headquarters of AESJ and sanctions may be applied. Prohibited actions are as follows:

1. Actions that violate the law

2. Actions that violate public order and morals

3. Actions that lead to criminal acts

4. Slander or other detrimental action against participants

5. The actions of recording and filming (including screen shots and screen captures) of presentations

6. Actions that infringe on copyrights and intellectual property rights

7. Actions that violate privacy of participants

8. False registration

9. Providing zoom accounts details of poster sessions to non-participants

10. Other acts that the Student Liaison Committee deems inappropriate

Summary publishing

The presentation summary submitted at registration are published in HP.

Abstract publishing

The abstract is distributed only to the referees. It is not distributed to other parties.

Copyright information

All copyrights such as bibliographic information, abstract, and presentation slides belong to the presenter. Recording or filming of the presentation is prohibited. However, the AESJ student network cannot be held liable for any disadvantages that the presenter receives even if the presenter’s copyrights is infringed upon by other parties.

Privacy policy

Participants information for the AESJ student poster session is strictly managed by the AESJ student network and is not distributed to other parties. Recording and filming, including screen shots and screen captures, are strictly prohibited. However, AESJ student network cannot be held liable for any disadvantages that the presenter receives even if the presenter’s privacy is infringed upon by other parties.

Approval about presentation

It is the author's responsibility to secure such company approvals that may be required.

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