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About ININ

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45th Chair

Effective as of April 2023, I, Ikuo Hoshino of JGC CORPORATION, received the official appointment of Chair of the International Nuclear Information Network (hereinafter, ININ). I have taken over the role from my predecessor and 44th Chair, Professor Kenichi Ishikawa of the University of Tokyo, and with the cooperation of Vice-Chair Kazuaki Kito of Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd including all Executive Committee members, we will continue to operate ININ. I look forward to working with everyone.

In the midst of the increasing number of countries and regions that are declaring their goals for carbon neutrality and the growing momentum for decarbonization worldwide, in Japan, we have made an international pledge to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in fiscal 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Our nation has expressed a strong determination to forge ahead with climate change issues throughout the whole country.

On the other hand, the critical energy situation that became apparent due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine since last year has made us realize once again that the energy supply system in Japan is still fragile and that this poses a significant challenge to our energy security.

One of the best solutions towards the intricately intertwined realization of carbon neutrality and the energy security issue in addition to sustainable economic growth is the further development of nuclear power.

Moreover, an important key point in nuclear power development is international cooperation in nuclear policy and the nuclear industry. In view of the current challenges that leading countries utilizing nuclear energy are facing together, for instance, maximizing the utilization of existing reactors, promoting research and development for the social implementation of next-generation innovative reactors, improving predictability in the nuclear power business, reconstructing a robust supply chain while monitoring the increased presence of Russia and China in the global market and so forth, our country is also striving to work together with other countries to resolve these challenges while contributing to the international community and deepening mutual international cooperation amongst like-minded nations. With the need for AESJ (Atomic Energy Society of Japan) to be active in responding to these challenges, ININ as the Japan Local Section of the American Nuclear Society, will continue to assist in this regard.

Thus, we wish to develop our activities in liaison with the AESJ, with the cooperation of various sectors, together with the support of AESJ members including our own ININ members, and we very much appreciate everyone’s continued guidance and advice.


The International Nuclear Information Network(ININ), of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan(AESJ), aims at

  1. promoting the co-operation between AESJ and the overseas nuclear societies, agencies, industries and so on.
  2. facilitating members' harmony among AESJ and the overseas nuclear societies.
  3. encouraging broad use of nuclear energy information in the world.


Bylaw & Rule

Current Bylaws and Rules was reviewed by the steering committee along with the new form proposed by AESJ and it was approved by the Board of Directors of AESJ in October 2010.
the Bylaws and Rules of International Nuclear Information Network (ININ)

ININ also prescribes Bylaws of the Japan local section of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Incorporated.

Committee Members

45th (As of April 2023)

Chair Ikuo Hoshino JGC JGC
Vice-chair Kazuaki Kito Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy
Secretary Masako De Franco JGC JGC
Treasurer Hideaki Sadamatsu Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy
Members Masato Uchita The Japan Atomic Power Company The Japan Atomic Power Company
Toshitake Kurashige Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Junichi Toyooka Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Tohru Suzuki Tokyo City University Tokyo City University
Tai Furuta Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Kenji Matsuzaki Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions
Chie Oda Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Previous committee members [1st - 45th]


2010 Standardized regulation of IAC
2006 Start up HP
1998 Local Section Awards
1973 Foreign Professional Societies Coordinating Committee, Dr. TAKEDA Eiichi as 1st chairman