No. 35

  中性子断面積測定の面白くなさと面白さ[PDF 89 kb]
・・・・・・・・(京大)木村 逸郎

■ 資 料

  1. 資料リスト[PDF 70 kb]
  2. Cross Sections for (n,p) Reactions on 27Al, 46,47,48Ti, 54,56Fe, 58Ni, 59Co and 64Zn from Near Threshold to 10 MeV (ANL/NDM-10(1975))
    Cross Sections for the 66Zn(n,p)66Cu, 113In(n,n')113mIn and 115In(n,n')115mIn Reactions form Near Threshold to 10 MeV (ANL/NDM-14(1975))[PDF 114 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)浅見 哲夫
  3. List of Papers submitted to Conference on Nuclear Cross Sections and Technology (Washington 1975)[PDF 708 kb]

■ 話 題

  1. NNDENへの投稿[PDF 82 kb]

行事予定[PDF 79 kb]
あとがき[PDF 37 kb]