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To persons interested in becoming a member of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan was established in February 1959, the only organization in Japan with an aim to contribute towards progress in the development of atomic energy through academic and technological advances pertaining to the peaceful use of atomic energy.

At the present time the Society is engaged in a wide range of projects as it conducts various academic and technical investigations and research, establishes standards, holds annual and general meetings as well as symposiums, which serve as a stage for the presentation of research by members, publishes the journal of the Society, as well as English language and Japanese language collections of thesis, promotes research, offers prizes for research achievements, facilitates communication among members regarding investigations and research, as well as communicates and collaborates with related academic organizations both within and outside Japan. The Society is also proactively involved in chapter activities, public information activities and engineering ethics, with consideration for the mutual relationship between technology and society, along with projects for the promotion of equal opportunities.

We invite you to take this opportunity to become a member of the Society and take advantage as a member of the Society to improve your qualifications as an expert, to proceed with your own research or to conduct projects through committee activities, so that you and the Society together may contribute to society through the creative advancement of project activities of the Society for the development and use of atomic energy.

We hope that you agree with the purposes of the Society, as we seek to develop further into the new era and we once again invite you to join our membership.

If you are living in Japan, please register from the link below and fill the form in Japanese.

If you are living outside of Japan, please use the format below to register for membership.

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* Articles of incorporation, bylaws and business descriptions are available on request.

Membership (regular members and student members) features:

  1. Eligibility to enter articles in the journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan.
  2. Eligibility to participate in oral presentations at membership rates in the Spring Annual Meeting and Autumn General Meeting.
  3. Eligibility to participate in the activities of committees, liaison committees, special advisory committees and chapters (one free entry into one committee per person). Receive distributed committee journals and newsletters.
  4. Receive freely distributed journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan.
  5. Eligibility to purchase English language collection of papers (monthly issues), Japanese language collection of papers (quarterly issues), as well as various publications, at member prices.
  6. Eligibility to receive preferential benefits for participating in symposiums, lectures, workshops, research meetings and observation tours.
  7. Invitational information, such as personnel recruiting, etc.
  8. Eligibility to receive awards conferred by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, as well as eligibility to receive awards from external organizations.
  9. A right to be recommended or to recommend a candidate to be a board member (regular members).
  10. Eligibility to participate in joint or co-sponsored events with relevant academic organizations at member prices.
These and other benefits are available to members.

Membership applications and inquiries:

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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