No. 28

  肝心なことは当たり前のこと[PDF 119 kb]
・・・・・・・・(原研)大杉 茂治

■ 資 料

  1. 資料リスト[PDF 62 kb]
  2. The Role of Nuclear Data in Nuclear Material Safeguards[PDF 203 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(東工大)久武 和夫
  3. An Analysis of Claims and Available Radioactive Data for Safeguards[PDF 170 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(東工大)藤岡 学
  4. Nuclear Data Compilations of Utility in Medical and Biological Application[PDF 106 kb]
  5. Nuclear Data Requirements in Radiological Protection and Radiotherapy[PDF 94 kb]

■ 話 題

  1. Third Symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of Fission, Rochester, New York, 13-17 August 1973に関して[PDF 540 kb]
    ・・・・・・・・(原研)竹腰 英子

■ おしらせ

  1. CINDA配布先リスト改訂について[PDF 70 kb]
  2. EANDC Topical Discussion on “Critique of Nuclear Models and Their Validity in the Evaluation of Nuclear Data”について[PDF 108 kb]

あとがき[PDF 48 kb]